DIY: Easy to make Scalp Sugar Scrub

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Our recipe today is a little different, but a must try! Our products are very versatile in nature, sugar can be used in various ways but as a shampoo is a relatively newer concept. Sulphurless sugar has been used to create a healthy shampoo focusing on cleansing and strengthening for healthy hair. A scrub can help with itchy scalps, excess oil, and stimulate circulate to help promote hair growth. These scalp scrub recipes exfoliate to remove build up on the scalp and increase circulation.



  1. Combine all of the ingredients for your chosen scalp scrub recipe together.⁠
  2. Mix until smooth and use immediately.⁠
  3. Wash after use.

Use regularly to obtain optimal results, we recommend one or twice a week as an addition to your regular hair care routine.

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