Maintain Hand Hygiene With Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 5 litres

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Hand hygiene is the first and foremost step to avoid COVID-19, and it has become crucial to make people understand its importance. In 2019, a report showed that only 56% of the urban population and 25.3% of the rural population washed hands with soap and water before a meal.

A washing area and soap, however, are not available every time. Many don't wash their hands properly in a hurry, as well.


Alcoholic Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have become a good alternative for these situations as they kill most germs. Alcoholic hand sanitisers might kill more germs but are ineffective against organisms like norovirus or Cryptosporidium. Due to this, people are encouraged to wash their hands when possible.

 Although alcohol-based hand sanitisers have become popular, most people still don't understand which type of sanitiser is effective; how and where to use them. An alcohol hand sanitiser should only be used as an alternative to soap and water and not a priority. It should have a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective. 

The Right Time To Use Them 

  • Use alcoholic hand sanitisers before and after visiting others in public and even private places.
  • They ought not to be used before eating or while preparing food.
  • If your hands are greasy, have dirt on them, or have any open wounds: do not use an alcoholic sanitiser.


The Right Way to Use Them

 Many individuals make the mistake of pouring a lot of sanitiser on their hands which is unnecessary. A small drop, about the size of your thumbnail, is more than enough to kill germs. Then, make sure to rub the sanitiser all over your hands and between your fingers till it dries. If it takes the gel or liquid less than 15-20 seconds to evaporate, then you have not used enough.

 Sanitising at Home and Public

The best way to remind people to use sanitiser is to place them in easily accessible locations where they are always in sight.

At home, hand sanitisers can be placed near the front door to be used immediately after returning from outside. In public and commercial places, a small bottle of sanitiser doesn't work. The best option is to buy an alcohol hand sanitiser of 5 litres. They must be placed at entrances and exits, employee desks, cafeterias, and other high traffic areas. 

Obtaining a Hand Sanitizer Online

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide panic that forced people to buy hand sanitisers in bulk quantities. A survey performed in March 2020 showed that only 1% of the surveyors could purchase hand sanitisers online, while about 50% of them could not buy them at all.

Fortunately, the market is more prepared now, and one of the best places to buy alcohol hand sanitiser of 5 litres online is Simbhaoli Sugars. Their hand sanitiser is liquid-based and contains 80% alcohol. It's made using the formula recommended by the WHO at an affordable price. Although hand sanitisers have become an essential commodity, people should remember that they should only be used as an alternative and not as a preference. Washing hands with soap and water regularly is still crucial for maintaining hand hygiene.

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