Sugar Cubes- A Better Alternate

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With the newer diet trends being all about portion control and keeping a check on sugar intake, coffee sugar cubes have become a kitchen must-have for all the calorie-conscious people out there. Frequently sold in boxes, these consolidated pieces of sugar are thought to be more advantageous than the standard granulated sugar. They are not only easy to use but also remain completely solid unless dunked in your favourite drink.


Their use is more justified in recent times as they are an efficient aid for controlling sugar intake because of the consistent portion of each cube. Most brands have cubes roughly equivalent to one and a half teaspoons of sugar and around 25 calories or may be equivalent to one teaspoon and contain around 15 calories.


What makes Coffee Sugar Cubes better?

Among the many benefits of using sugar cubes over regular sugar grains, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your breakfast platter and adds a sophisticated touch. It’s time to show some self-care for yourself and buy coffee sugar cubes for an energising cup of morning coffee.


Some of the notable benefits of using coffee sugar cubes over regular sugar grains are as follows :


  1. The sugar coffee cubes from premium brands are enhanced to ensure a better experience. They are convenient to use.
  2. The use of coffee sugar cubes is not limited to coffee and hot beverages, they can also be utilised for various beverages as well as desserts.
  3. The most prominent use for these sugar cubes is for portion control for diet plans and keeping accurate calorie count for beverages.
  4. While these sugar cubes are not so convenient for cold drinks, however, they can be easily incorporated into desserts and even adding to icing creams.
  5. Cooking enthusiasts also use coffee sugar cubes for cooking Indian desserts like kheer and various sweet delicacies.
  6. These sugar cubes also make a great addition for decorating the platter and adding a little sophisticated charm to the table.
  7. In addition to their amazing taste, these sugar cubes also make great decorating props for social media photographs.
  8. Coffee sugar cubes are especially great for coffee lovers who take their coffee on the go. They can be easily packed in small boxes and stored along with the coffee pouches for making coffee while travelling. Their fixed portion also comes in handy to make the perfect brew.


When you buy coffee sugar cubes online or from nearby stores, it is essential to ensure the quality of the products. One must only buy sugar cubes that are FSSAI approved and have a valid licence proof of their quality. When buying edible products, it is better to go for certified brands instead of simply going for the cheaper options.


For those looking for healthy ways to improve portion control and get the perfect coffee brew every morning, Trust Demerara Coffee Sugar cubes by Simbhaoli Sugars are a perfect choice. Their premium quality sugar cubes are not only easy to use and store but also enhance the taste of your coffee. Visit Simbhaoli today to buy coffee sugar cubes online.

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