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SOM Neem Plus Manure 10 kg

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SOM NEEM PLUS is a nutrient-rich organic mixture with Neem Cake and serves as a dual purpose: One, as organic manure and natural fertilizer, and two, as an effective product for pest management.

Neem Plus is a mixture of aerobic microbial culture along with press mud which is rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorous and organic matters, and Neem cake organic manure. Addition of neem cake protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants probably due to its residual limonoid content. It also acts as a natural fertilizer with pesticidal properties. Neem cake is widely used in India to fertilize paddy, cotton and sugarcane.

SOM NEEM PLUS is a 100% organic manure which is capable of providing the required vital nutrients to the plants through its key ingredients – aerobic microbial culture and press mud, while also serving as a pesticidal agent for repelling pests through its final key ingredient – neem cake.

Unique benefits of SOM Neem Plus

Press Mud is a plentiful source of carbon for the soil besides being rich in NPK(Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium).
The use of Press Mud balances the soil organic carbon in the soil and thereby preserves optimum productivity and soil fertility.
Being completely organic, SOM NEEM PLUS is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.
Regular usage of these products will also improve the soil quality and its fertility, as it also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and helps fight the threat of pests and diseases.
Neem cake also reduces alkalinity in soil, as it produces organic acids on decomposition.
Being totally natural, it is compatible with soil microbes and rhizosphere microflora and hence ensures fertility of the soil.
Neem cake improves the organic matter content of the soil, helping improve soil texture, water holding capacity, and soil aeration for better root development.
Neem cake is effective in the management of insects and pests, and studies have found it to have seven types of activities (a) antifeedant (b) attractant (c) repellent (d) insecticide (e) nematicide (f) growth disruptor and (g) antimicrobial.
Can also be mixed with soil and apply on and around the roots of the plants, vegetables, bushes and trees, will have a remarkable result in the improvement of the plant immunity.
It doesn't create "death zones" as other insecticides can. It effectively controls hundreds of insects.
Suitable for terrace garden, balcony garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers