Trust Icing Sugar 1kg
Trust Icing Sugar 1kg

Trust Icing Sugar 1kg

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Baking at home is now a tradition, and we're here to help you make it great for you and your loved ones. Trust Icing sugar is ideal for making rich and smooth icings. It's lump-free and dissolves instantly, making it ideal for making flawless desserts, pastries, and cakes, as well as decorating them!

With Trust Icing Sugar, you can make your home-baked treats look deliciously rich.

Key Features:

  • Ultra fine sparkling white sugar that is 100 percent pure and safe
  • Smoothly blends, melts easily, and dissolves in an instant.
  • Maintains the flavour and colour of the food.
  • Ideal for icing, fondues, whipped creams, filling, frostings, glazes

*1kg Pack