BuyG Low Sugar

30% lower GI than your regular calorie sugar!

We understand that our country has developed a collective consciousness focused on health and wellness over the past decade, inspiring many to make positive lifestyle choices. As a mainstay in the sugar and sweeteners landscape of India, G-Low products helps you make both a dietary change and a lifestyle shift that’s simple and easy to adopt. Every serve of G-low Sugar, instead of regular sugar, is incrementally better for your metabolism and the  power of compounding helps translate that to a long-term benefit. Whether it’s weight management, regulation of blood sugar levels or just smooth metabolism to avoid bloating, G-low helps you work effortlessly towards your specific goals of choice. G-low’s drastically low Glycemic Index makes sure your body digests it over an appropriately longer period of time avoiding any unusual spikes and doubling up as a diabetic-friendly product. No aftertastes, no artificial sweetness and no excessive cutting down on sugar, as we present to you, the healthier sugar for the healthier you.