Sunehra: Buy Organic Jaggery and Powder Online

Healthier alternative to regular sugar.

Sunehra, much like its literal translation, ushers in a golden age in Indian consumer needs as there is a re-emphasis on the precious roots of our long-standing tradition and inherited dietary wisdom surrounding health and well-being and a balanced diet. The golden range of Sunehra derives its richness from the natural ingredients retained in their composition. The bounty of expertise and experience that the House of Trust possesses has helped us develop superior manufacturing processes for natural, mineral brown sugar and jaggery-based products to meet the ever-changing needs of our demanding consumers. We understand that along with those of them who enjoy our products for delectable household preparations, there’s also a new generation  looking for sweetening alternatives that are safe and closer home. With our current offerings of brown sugar, jaggery and jaggery powder, we cater to the needs of the whole spectrum as we work relentlessly towards creating similar healthy, delicious and wholesome offerings.