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Trust Sunehra Jaggery 500 gm

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Sunehra Jaggery is a natural sweetener made from traditional gur. It has a rich and deep pleasing flavour, and also the goodness of calcium, iron, and micronutrients. It also aids in the development of stronger immunity by increasing resistance to infections.

About Sunehra Jaggery:

At Trust, our Sunehra Jaggery (gur) is made from fine sugarcane juice and is the best natural and traditional sweetener available in the market. It is a rich source of iron and contains no sulphur or preservatives. To avoid the contaminants in white sugar, use our Sunehra Jaggery to sweeten your cookies, pies, and everything else. This is the ideal partner for maintaining a stable bowel, protecting the lungs, and detoxing your body.

*500gm Pack