Trust Classic Traditional White Sugar

The House of Trust strives to create and foster a household embodiment of dependability and authentic quality for the new Indian consumer and retailer. The Trust Classic range of sugar is the result of a pure, untouched and rigorous production process equipped with the robust and state-of-the-art DIPIE technology. A process that has been perfected over the course of more than 87 years by the sugar mills of Simbhaoli with the support of a strong community of farmers. We combine these best practices with our rich traditional knowledge to bring you simple, sweet and wholesome ingredients, no matter where and how you shop. Our classic brands serve all your purposes of sweetening and also makes your life a little bit sweeter, available in different sizes that cater to different kinds of households and their needs. Whether it’s half a spoon for your coffee, a pinch for your meal or the soul for your desserts, Trust Classic is a kitchen regular you would love to keep.