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Trust Ethyl Alcohol Based Mist Spray Hand Sanitizers 200 ml - Pack of 1

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Product Description:

Our hands are magical; they can pet dogs, play the best instruments, and create wondrous displays, among other things. Why not protect them from the viruses and bacteria that infest every corner of the city? Your go-to solution is to use our alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Fight viruses and bacteria, without any hassle. Healthy hands equal a healthy body. Trust hand sanitizers are safe for all, including children and the elderly, and they leave your hands smelling fresh without drying them out.

TRUST Hand Sanitizer contains an 80% alcohol-based formula that kills 99.9% of germs instantly without the use of soap or water, protecting you and your family from disease and infections caused by germs and bacteria. Its non-sticky, liquid-based formula is gentle on your hands and leaves you feeling soft and cuddly. 

Instructions for Use: To moisten your hands, use a sufficient amount (2-3ml) of the substance and rub for 20 seconds until it covers your hands, gently washing away dirt. Allow to dry before washing with water.

Key Features:

WHO RECOMMENDED FORMULA: # 1 Recommended World Health Organization Formulation For Hand Hygiene (Ethyl Alcohol : 80% V/V, Glycerol I.P. : 1.45% V/V, Hydrogen Peroxide I.P. : 0.125% V/V).

GENTLE ON HANDS: Fragrant and gentle on hands, while keeping them clean without drying them

PROTECTION AGAINST DISEASES: Strong Antiseptic Effects Against Bacteria and Viruses.

Effective on protection from COVID-19 Corona Virus

ON THE GO PROTECTION : Available in portable sizes and also dispensers.